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~ 1 ~ DEPARTMENT COMMANDER James Dennis Fellow Legionnaires and Legion families, Another month has gone by. January was a slow month with events. Outside of my administrative duties, I enjoyed visiting John Wayne Post GR79 for a general Meeting on the 14th. Commander Chamberlain and his staff are keeping the post very busy and active. NEC Maloney, Auxiliary Member Pinchbeck and I went to Paris, France to speak to the event planners and veterans to assist us for the Centennial celebration in 2019. We had a good discussion and we made progress. NEC Maloney will go into more detail at the DEC in March. We have slowed down in our membership this month. Don’t get me wrong, but we can do better. We are still in the top 10 posts at National. We are almost at 90%! I would like to hit the 95% by the end of February. We need to continue to get the renewals in. There are over 500 renewals still out there. If we get these, we will be well on our way to the 100% before March. In February is the Oratorical Contest in Stuttgart. Don’t forget to get your contestant’s name, School and Post supporting to the Adjutant, Chairman Clemence, and myself for accountability. I hope every School will support a student for this contest. Speaking of March. Another busy month for me. I visit Margraten Post NL01 for elections, Visit Paris for the Centennial committee meeting, Post Service Officers course given by the Department Service Officer, and the 3rd Department Executive Meeting. The call is out for the DEC, please contact Ansbach Post GR1982 if you are going. Commander Huston and Adjutant Smith can assist you on any questions. For updates on Department events, visit our webpage at or our Facebook site at James Dennis / Commander / Department of France Department of FRANCEDepartment of FRANCEDepartment of FRANCEDepartment of FRANCEDepartment of FRANCEDepartment of FRANCEDepartment of FRANCEDepartment of FRANCEDepartment of FRANCEDepartment of FRANCEDepartment of FRANCEDepartment of FRANCEDepartment of FRANCEDepartment of FRANCEDepartment of FRANCEDepartment of FRANCEDepartment of FRANCEDepartment of FRANCEDepartment of FRANCEDepartment of FRANCE BELGIUMBELGIUMBELGIUMBELGIUMBELGIUMBELGIUMBELGIUM-DENMARKDENMARKDENMARKDENMARKDENMARKDENMARKDENMARK-FRANCEFRANCEFRANCEFRANCEFRANCEFRANCE-GERMANYGERMANYGERMANYGERMANYGERMANYGERMANYGERMANY-GREECEGREECEGREECEGREECEGREECEGREECE-THAILANDHAILANDHAILANDHAILANDHAILANDHAILANDHAILAND NETHERLANDSNETHERLANDSNETHERLANDSNETHERLANDSNETHERLANDSNETHERLANDSNETHERLANDSNETHERLANDSNETHERLANDSNETHERLANDSNETHERLANDS-IRELANDIRELANDIRELANDIRELANDIRELANDIRELANDIRELAND-ITALYITALYITALYITALYITALY-SPAINSPAINSPAINSPAINSPAIN-PORTUGALPORTUGALPORTUGALPORTUGALPORTUGALPORTUGALPORTUGALPORTUGAL-CHINA CHINA CHINA CHINA CHINA CHINA 01 -ENGLANDENGLANDENGLANDENGLANDENGLANDENGLANDENGLAND Volume 1Volume 1Volume 1Volume 1Volume 1Volume 1Volume 1Volume 16 / IssueIssueIssueIssueIssue 2 -- FebruaryFebruaryFebruaryFebruaryFebruaryFebruaryFebruaryFebruary 201 8 ~ 2 ~ COMMANDER James Dennis / GR30 ADJUTANT Maxwell Rice / GR79 NECMAN/ FINANCE OFFICER Nola Maloney / GR03 ALT. NECMAN James Settle / GR42 VCAL Joe D. Brown / GR79 VICE COMMANDER Casby Logan / GR07 VICE COMMANDER David Etter / GR01 VICE COMMANDER Christopher Buchanan / GR1982 VICE COMMANDER Jimmie Dale / GR07 jimmiedale87@gmailcom CHAPLAIN Don Chamberlain/ GR79 HISTORIAN Raymond Perez Jr. / NL01 SERVICE OFFICER Laura Buckner / BE02 JUDGE ADVOCATE Keith Abernathy / GR79 SERGEANT-AT-ARMS Raymond Vincent Jr. / NL01 ASSISTANT ADJUTANT Robert Fuelling / FR01 ~ 3 ~ Inspiration during times of disaster Dear American Legion Family and Friends, One of the main job requirements of a national commander is to inspire the organization’s volunteers. Yet, I find that the opposite is often true. During my recent visit to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, it was the American Legion Family that inspired me. Still reeling from two historic hurricanes, I was told repeatedly by residents there that “We’ve been blessed, others have it worse.” More than 40 percent of the region still does not have electric power and utilities on a permanent or consistent basis. Tarps still cover the roofs of thousands of homes. Tents in Arecibo, Puerto Rico, serve as a VA clinic. I was concerned about the ability of The American Legion to make a difference due to the remoteness of the islands. Unlike the relief efforts in Texas and Florida, Legionnaires weren’t able to fill trucks with supplies and drive them to the affected areas. Even commercial air travel was nearly impossible during the initial aftermath. My concerns were unfounded. In addition to the grants provided by programs such as the National Emergency Fund, Temporary Financial Assistance and Operation Comfort Warriors, American Legion departments and posts have matched their “devotion to mutual helpfulness” with monetary donations. The American Legion Department of Pennsylvania sent $50,000 to the Department of Puerto Rico. North Carolina added another $10,000. Florida Post 75 raised another $4,500 and Hollywood Post 43 in California contributed $2,200. All told, more than $72,000 have been raised by Legion entities. Due to communication difficulties, Legion Family members in those islands can still apply for NEF grants beyond the February 1 deadline. Extensions can also be granted to applicants in other areas depending on their circumstances. Gov. Kenneth Mapp of the Virgin Islands was appreciative of American Legion support. But he also pointed out a sad reality. Hurricanes Irma and Maria will not be the last disasters that strike the region. Elsewhere, we have seen crippling blizzards across the United States, gargantuan wildfires in California and deadly mudslides that have killed at least 21 people. We need a strong National Emergency Fund. It’s not a matter of if but when the next natural disaster hits. Just like insurance, the hope is that you will never need it. But by giving generously, you will be helping your brothers and sisters in the American Legion Family when natural disaster strikes. Like our other American Legion Charities, one hundred percent of NEF donations go to the stated cause. Family First. Denise H. Rohan National Commander ~ 4 ~ 2018 Membership Year PCC President Gary Thomas (r) and PCC Secretary Susan Houston Who is eligible to join the Department of France Past Commanders Club? PAST AND PRESENT Department Commanders, Department Vice Commanders At Large, Department Vice Commanders, Post Commanders, SAL Detachment Commanders, SAL Squadron Commanders, Auxiliary Department Presidents, Auxiliary Unit Presidents…so if you were just voted into office you are eligible to join Initial dues for the Past Commanders Club is only $25.00 Renewal dues for the Past Commanders Club is only $10.00 Our next meeting is planned in conjunction with the Department of France Third DEC The American Legion, Department of France website Also Visit the Department of France Facebook page WANTED TODAY…pictures and stories of your posts, your members. Share your experiences, let everyone know what you are doing and contributing to your “American Legion Family” ~ 5 ~ DEPARTMENT VICE COMMANDER AT LARGE Joe D. Brown This month was busy for me, I was at Post GR06 for their Membership meeting, it was a good meeting and well put together. I also attended Post GR07 for their Membership meeting and was at GR07 Oratorical contest. GR07 has a new Adjutant and he on the ball helping the post. I talked with the post Commanders from GR01 -GR03 -GR05 -GR06 -GR07 -GR09 -GR13 -GR14 -GR20 -GR30 -GR42 -GR79 -GR1982 -GR79 and 1st Vice Commander from NL 01, they are all is doing well to try to make 100%. The Department Oratorical contest is scheduled to be held during the month of February in Stuttgart and being hosted by Post GR06, so come on out and show Support. I attended Gino Cantu‘s funeral. The membership for 2018 membership year going good so far, but there are posts that have not submitted a transmittal for this membership year. Department membership is standing at 89%, thanks to those posts that made 100% and the post have, you still have time so let get moving. We must remember the Ideals of what the American Legion stands for, justice, freedom and democracy. We are here to support our veterans, their families, our communities and the care of our veterans through the programs set out at the National Level. Many of our Posts need to be more involved with these programs, I would strive to make that happen. All Post Commanders need to properly display your POW-MIA Table, American Flag and your Post Legion Banner at all your meetings. I look forward to getting out to each post and assisting in any way I can. Thank you! As always, remember if you need to contact me I am just an E-mail away M-0170-1888034. In closing, please keep those in harm’s way and their families, not only in your thoughts but your prayers as well. If you are attending the 3rd DEC in Ansbach, and your awards packet is completed please bring it with you to the 3rd DEC and provide me with an electronic copy by the 3rd DEC. If your awards packet is not completed please ensure I have a hard copy and an electronic copy Not Later Than (NLT) 06 April 2018. Any awards packet received after 06 April 2018 will not be considered by the Awards Committee. GR06 General Membership Meeting ~ 6 ~ Gino Cantu Laid to rest Newsletter Editor…David N. Greaux REMINDER…all newsletter articles should be turned in prior to months end! ~ 7 ~ Members of China Post 1 and the Department of France NEC Nola Maloney attended the funeral of comrade H Ownby at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs on December 1, 2017. DEPARTMENT SERVICE OFFICER Laura Buckner Post Service Officer training on Fri, Mar16 at Post GR1982, Ansbach GE is filling up rapidly. Attendance is by registration only because we have limited space and materials. Pre-registration is done by contacting Frank Phillips at Attendees must bring their confirmation letter to participate! A laptop will be required as well. Register today! ~ 8 ~ ~ 9 ~ Faces of Margraten Planned for May 2-6, 2018; Group Still in Search of New Photos In what has become a regular event, the Faces of Margraten brings faces of our fallen service members to Netherlands American Cemetery. Monday, January 8, 2018…In what has become a tradition, Netherlands American Cemetery will host The Faces of Margraten May 2-6, 2018. Organized by the Stichting Verenigde Adoptanten Amerikaanse Oorlogsgraven (SVAAO), The Faces of Margraten (link is external) works to bring a face to every person honored at Netherlands American Cemetery. This unique tribute, created and organized by these Dutch and Belgian volunteers, aims to thank the Americans who gave their lives during the liberation of the southern Netherlands. When visitors come that weekend and walk the grounds, they will see photos next to headstones and the Tablets of the Missing. “The response that we have had to the Faces of Margraten project has been remarkable,” said Keith Stadler, superintendent of Netherlands American Cemetery. “People feel such a profound connection when they are able to see the faces of these young men and women that it leaves with them an impression that will last a very long time indeed.” When the program began in 2015, SVAAO had collected more than 3,000 photos for the inaugural event that drew more than 25,000 people to the cemetery. And since that time, the group has been working diligently to collect more photos. But because World War II ended more than 72 years ago, collecting these images is not a simple task. SVAAO has outreached to American families in search of photos. They’ve contacted small-town American newspapers to have stories printed about this effort. This work has led to the discovery of photos in dusty albums and yearbooks. To date SVAAO has collected more than more than 5,300 photos for Faces of Margraten—more than half the number of people honored at the cemetery. But they still have more work to do. “We really hope to put a face to each and every name,” said Sebastiaan Vonk, chairman of SVAAO. “We encourage not only relatives to submit photos of their loved-ones, but also others to look around in their own community to see if a photo of a service member honored at Netherlands American Cemetery is available. Anyone can submit a photo (link is external) for The Faces of Margraten—it does not have to be a family member. SVAAO is hoping to connect with more libraries and historical societies in the United States this year in hopes they reach the 6,000th photo by the time The Faces of Margraten occurs in May. To see if your family member or friend already has a photo on file, visit the website (link is external). About the American Battle Monuments Commission: Established by Congress in 1923, the American Battle Monuments Commission commemorates the service, achievements, and sacrifice of U.S. armed forces. ABMC administers 26 overseas military cemeteries, and 29 memorials, monuments, and markers. ~ 10 ~ Detachment Commander Joe D. Brown / The Third DEC will be hosted by Omar Bradley Post GR42 Saturday 10 March 2018 Registration: 11:00 / DEC: 12:00 DJK Gaststätte Josef Reuss Strasse 7 97424 Schweinfurt POC: David Greaux / 01715109356 / ~ 11 ~ In In Remembrance Remembrance Remembrance Remembrance Remembrance Remembrance Remembrance Remembrance Remembrance of of of Comrade Comrade ComradeComradeComrade Gino CantuGino CantuGino CantuGino Cantu Gino CantuGino CantuGino Cantu On Thursday, 25 January 2018 fellow legionnaires gathered in Biblis, Germany for the funeral of Comrade Gumecindo “Gino” Cantu. Gino was one of the longest serving members of Post GR07 and he remained very active in the post until his illness. He was a very dedicated legionnaire who served in Executive Committee positions in Post GR07 and Department of France. He most notably served as the Child and Youth Services Chairman for Post GR07 and he was loved and highly respected by the students and staff of Mannheim DoDD Schools for mentoring youth and ensuring youth developmental programs were a priority in the community. Post GR07 appreciates the support from everyone who came out to honor Gino, to include the U.S. Army Funeral Detail, members from other posts and the Department of France. Special thanks go to Post GR07 Service Officer Comrade Francis (Lee) Vaughan for comforting Ms. Cantu and ensuring Gino’s funeral arrangements were socialized. May God continue to bless Comrade Gino as he joins Post Everlasting. Pictures: Fellow Legionnaires and the U.S. Army pay tribute to Comrade Gino Cantu ~ 12 ~ GR07 Sponsors Oratorical Contest On Friday, 26 January 2018 Post GR07 sponsored an Oratorical Contest at Wiesbaden High School. The winner of the contest was Anna Birchfield, a junior at Wiesbaden High School. She was presented American Legion Certificates and $300.00 for winning the contest. She will advance to represent Post GR07 in the Department of France Oratorical Contest on 24 February 2018. Post GR07 sincerely appreciates those who assisted with the event and ensured it was a success, to include the following legionnaires: John Odom Sr., Commander, Post GR07 Michael Murley, Adjutant, Post GR07 Casby Logan, Membership Chairman, Post GR07 Joe (Charly) Brown, VCAL, Department of France Post GR07 Commander John Odom Sr. presents Anna Birchfield with American Legion Certificates and a prize. Post GR07 Adjutant Michael Murley, Department of France Vice Commander Casby Logan, and Department of France VCAL Charly Brown celebrate with Oratorical Contest winner Anna Birchfield and her mother. Wiesbaden VA Benefits Advisor, Telephone: 0611 143 548 1323 Appointments can be made for veterans seeking to file VA Disability Claims, inquiring about ongoing claims or who want to know about other VA benefits and entitlements. This includes veterans who do not have military ID Cards or access to the military installation. Wiesbaden Super Bowl LII Celebrations! Wiesbaden Entertainment Center (WEC) will sponsor a Super Bowl Party on Sun, 4 Feb 18 beginning at 1100pm. The WEC is located upstairs in the Bowling Alley next to the Army Lodging facility in Wiesbaden Hainerberg Housing Area (Bldg. 7891, 65189 Wiesbaden). A small finger food buffet will be available for $7.50. Wiesbaden USO will sponsor a Super Bowl viewing at the USO Cottage Lodge in Hainerberg Housing Area. Kick-off is at 10pm and will include delicious hamburgers, hot dogs and bratwurst, nachos, chili, chips and refreshments. Later there will be fun with NFL trivia and prizes. Come out and enjoy a family friendly spot for the biggest game if the year! The cottage is located at Washingtonstrasse 18, 65189 Wiesbaden. ~ 13 ~ VA resumes online applications for new ID cards Veterans can now go online and order their new identification cards. WWW.VA.GOV By NIKKI WENTLING | STARS AND STRIPES Published: January 29, 2018 WASHINGTON – Veterans can again submit online applications for new identification cards through the Department of Veterans Affairs website after the system was taken down in December following rollout problems. The purpose of the identification cards is to help veterans prove their military history without having to carry around their DD-214 certificates, which contain sensitive information. The new IDs do not replace VA medical cards or defense retiree cards, nor do they qualify as official government-issued identification. As of Jan. 29, the VA was processing 14,609 applications for the cards, said VA spokesman Curt Cashour. Any veteran who served in the armed forces, including in the reserves, and has an honorable or general discharge can request them. High demand for the cards crashed a VA webpage in December, when some veterans were met with error messages or a webpage that failed to load. The VA temporarily stopped the online application process and asked veterans seeking new ID cards to leave their email addresses, stating they’d be notified when they could apply. Now, the online application process has resumed to all veterans. Cashour said veterans are no longer being asked to leave their email addresses. Veterans can apply at the website and will be asked to create an online account. Veterans who have applied will start receiving their cards in early March, Cashour said. In the meantime, approved veterans can download an image of their IDs and print them or download them to their mobile phones. In 2015, Congress ordered the VA to create the cards to make it easier for veterans to receive certain benefits such as discounts at stores and restaurants. Twitter: @nikkiwentling Four Chaplains Sunday…Feb 4, 2018 George L. Fox, Alexander D. Goode Clark V. Poling, John P. Washington The Four Chaplains, also sometimes referred to as the "Immortal Chaplains" or the "Dorchester Chaplains", were four United States Army chaplains who gave their lives to save other civilian and military personnel as the troop ship SS Dorchester sank on February 3, 1943, during World War II. They helped other soldiers board lifeboats and gave up their own life jackets when the supply ran out.[1] The chaplains joined arms, said prayers, and sang hymns as they went down with the ship. ~ 14 ~ John Wayne Post GR79 On February 4, 2018 at the post home there will be a Super Bowl Party starting at 10.00 PM (22.00). If you are planning to participate you need to let me know as soon as possible. This is an all you can eat party for the price of 15 euro. Come on out and enjoy the game. Gaststatte ZUM Reegen Im Reid, Riedweg52, 74078 Heilbronn-Frankenbach REPLY YES OR NO WITH NAME Bowling 10 Feb 2018 GR 79 Time: 1730 Location: Ballei-Bowlingcenter 74172Deutschordensplatz, Neckarsulm POC: 2ndVice Commander Charlie Brown Mobile - 01701888034 RSVP by the FEB 3, 2018 / Reply Yes or No. ~ 15 ~ GR79 Awards Meeting and GR79 General Membership Meeting Department of France Department of France Department of FranceDepartment of France Department of France Department of France Department of France Department of FranceDepartment of France President / Sonja Dennis Hello Ladies and Legionnaires; January was a slow month for us. After the holidays, we are still working on renewing members and preparing for an Awareness Drive to continue our growth. I have an event that would be fun and support our veterans. I have spoken to the USO in Landstuhl “Warrior Center” to do a Valentine’s day event on the 17th of February from 1400 to 1700 hours. We are making homemade cakes, bringing chocolate, and cards to our veterans. Ladies and family members, if you are interested in assisting us, contact me at or Secretary Mattson at as soon as possible. We would like an accountability of members and family attending. Also, you can bring a cake as well if you want. They love homemade cakes. If I do not see you on the 17th of February, I hope to see you in Ansbach at the DEC. Please take care and be safe. Sonja Dennis / President / Department or France ~ 16 ~ The symptoms of PTSD can affect every area of your life. The good news is that there are treatment options that can help. While psychotherapy, sometimes called "counseling", has been shown to be the most effective treatment for PTSD, certain medications have also been proven to help decrease many of the core symptoms. Is Medication is Right for Me? Medication may be a good choice if you don’t want to try talk therapy now or if you can’t fit weekly therapy appointments into your life. Some people find that taking certain medication for PTSD while they are in therapy makes the process easier. Talk to your health care provider about which medications are right for you. • Learn about all your treatment options with the PTSD Treatment Decision Aid • Hear from Veterans about How Treatment Has Helped How do Medications Work? Watch a short video to learn more about PTSD how medications work. What Medications Work Best? Recommended medications for PTSD are called Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) or Selective Norepinephrine/Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SNRIs). They are both types of antidepressant medicine. These can help you feel less sad, worried, and improve your overall functioning. SSRIs include sertraline (Zoloft), paroxetine (Paxil) or fluoxetine (such as Prozac), and the SNRI venlafaxine (Effexor). Do I Need to be Cautious about Certain Medications? Some doctors have prescribed medications known as benzodiazepines for patients with PTSD to help with symptoms such as anxiety or insomnia. These medications may be known as Valium, Xanax, Klonopin or Ativan. Benzodiazepines may help these symptoms in the short term, but we now know that they do not improve the overall symptoms of PTSD. Their helpful effects do not last and they come with possible safety concerns. Atypical antipsychotics are another class of medication occasionally used for symptoms of PTSD. They also can have concerning side effects and are not typically recommended to treat PTSD. What Medications Can I Take to Improve my Insomnia or Anxiety? The first-line medication recommendations for PTSD, the antidepressants, are effective in treating your anxiety and insomnia symptoms. You also can benefit from cognitive behavioral therapy. Talk to your provider about safer, more effective treatment options. Prazosin is a medication that works by decreasing the adrenaline produced by your body when you are stressed and has been shown to help some Veterans with trauma-related nightmares. Ask your health care provider if it may be right for you. ~ 17 ~ David Chavez Post GR1982 DEC and PSO Training Preparations The Department Executive Committee (DEC) meeting on 17 March and the Post Service Officer (PSO) Training on 16 March should be on everyone’s calendar by now. What may NOT yet be on your calendar are the dates for several very important preparatory actions that are critical to the success of both events. These dates include: Today – If you are planning to attend the PSO training, you should have already contacted Frank Phillips at to get your confirmation letter. You must have this letter in order to attend the training. Space and resources are limited, so there will be NO last-minute walk-ins allowed in the training. Contact Frank ASAP. NOTE: If at all possible, PSO training attendees should bring a laptop to the training. 23 February – If you need to be added to the access roster, contact Post Adjutant Estus Smith at with your information by this date. The early date is required in order to get Garrison approval and the access roster finalized. 28 February – If you are planning to spend the night of 16 March in Katterbach, contact Frank at to confirm your reservations at the Gasthaus Goldener Stern. You can also make you own reservations at the Hotel-Gasthof zur Windmuehle at phone 0981-972-000. If you do not confirm reservations by this date, you may have problems finding accommodations. 9 March – Attending the DEC and planning to eat the noon meal on-site? Please contact Estus at to confirm your meal. (Same caterer as last year, and “all you can eat”) 9 March – Attending the PSO training and planning to eat the noon meal on-site? Please contact Estus at to confirm your meal. Due to time restrictions, everyone should plan to eat this meal on-site. 9 March – If you are planning to attend the “meet and greet” meal Friday evening, please confirm your attendance with Frank at by this date. ~ 18 ~ ~ 19 ~ Members to come out and support your Squadron for the Easter event in Neckarzimmer on the 7th of March 2007. Who knows you just might have fun doing so.
Donald Chamberlain

S.A.L Commander

Finance Officer News

My Fellow Legionnaires I wish I could give you a financial update, however due to poor financial management of the past Finance Officer, I am unable to. Rest assured that once the audit committee is finished with their audit I will advise you on the status of this post finances  “NO, DON’T ASK FOR ANY MONEY CAUSE WE AIN’T GOT ANY”.Robert HaleFinance Officer

Adjutants News

My fellow LegionnairesLet me echo the words of our newly elected Commander. “LET’S MOVE THIS POST AHEAD”. As the Commander has stated, we need the help of all our members to make this post the best in the Department of France. I know we all have obligations, to job, family, and other endeavors. But I would encourage each of you to try to make at least the monthly GMM. (You do have a voice and a vote in all matters that concern this post and its future). Come out and let your voice be heard, you have been silent to long, and we could really use your support in accomplishing the challenge to make this the best post in the Department of France.  Now that we have the Post Newsletter, back up and running, the next big step is to get the post website updated. It, also was put on hold for the last 18 months or so. I hope to have it updated, with the release of this first Newsletter. I will post the monthly Newsletter on the site, however; I will not be able to post any of the pictures in the Newsletter, onto the Newsletter portion of the site. The url of our Homepage is   Please tell your family and friends about the post site, and to sign our guestbook, on their visit. Keep in mind the site is again operational but not fully updated at this time. Thank you for your patience and understanding in resolving this issue. In closing please keep those in harm’s way, and their families not only in your thoughts, but your prayers as well.Yours in Comradeship

James Settle

Post Adjutant

 Department News  A reminder from the Department VCAL                 AWARDS REMINDER: As the chairman of the awards committee I strongly encourage each Post to submit an awards packet.  I would like the packets to include cover pages on each award category. For Instance, attach a clean page with the Post contact information (Commander  & Adjutant name, phone number, postal address and email address) on the center of the page and then four lines down also type the award category, like COMMANDER OF THE YEAR AWARD. Following this procedure will enable the awards committee to quickly sort each packet by the individual award categories and then return all papers back to the original Post packet. SO….to follow the timelines presented in the attached regulations please have your Post  Award Packets sent to me with a copy to Dept Adjutant Max no later than Wednesday, 9 May 2007.  We’ll have to arrange a special trip to hold the Awards Committee meeting on Saturday, 12 May 2007. If all the Posts that will participate in the Department Awards Program have already met their 100% Membership Goal please go ahead and send your packets as soon as possible. 

Respectfully yours, 

Carl Hale

Department VCAL

Sorry but pictures cannot be added to this portion of the site if you desire to see the pictures please write us and we can either e-mail or send you a hard copy of the news letter.



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