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 Update on the 2017 Independence Day Fest  


  The American Legion

 Department of France

  John Wayne Post 79


We celebrated our annual Independence Day (July 4th) event this year on July 8, 2017. The celebration began at 2: PM (1400 hours) at Max Gartenfreunde Klingenberg; Im Bruch; 74081 Heilbronn - Klingenberg. The food was served beginning at 3: PM (1500 hours) and there was FREE food and drink available for the children 12 years of age and younger. The menu consisted of RIBS, Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, chicken, baked beans and a variety of salads and more. All foods and drinks available for teenagers and adults were reasonably priced. The members of the Post would like to personally say THANKS to all those that came out to help celebrate our Independence Day for 2017 and sincerely hope all attending found some enjoyment; had fun; reunited with old friends; and/or made new ones. Thanks again for joining us and giving us the opportuniity to serve the soldier, veteran, family, community and friends. See Independence Day 2017 album for pictures.

The POC for this function was Vice Commander Brown: vcalbrown50@gmail.com or telephone: 0170-1888034.


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